Sell in Spain

An amazing market waiting to consume your products.


1. understand the spanish market & consumer

Before introducing a product into the Spanish market, it is important to consider the particularities of the Spanish consumer, its way of living, interacting and its buying behaviour. In addition, it is extremely important to become familiar with regional and linguistic differences in the country. We offer you a session to have an overview about the Spanish consumer and what are the key elements to consider.

3. market segmentation & local consumer

If you need to understand the Spanish consumer in detail or adapt your buyer persona, we help you  with a market segmentation and defining your Ideal Consumer Persona.

2. trend hunter

Consumption and behaviour trends are usually global, although penetration rates vary between different markets. We offer you an analysis and benchmarking service to find out where your category, product or service fits well in the Spanish market. 

4. marketing strategy & plan

We develop the complete international strategy plan for your brand and products and we also help you with the key touch points of the Customer journey.

5. retail location

Location, location, location. We advise you on where may be the best areas of influence for your business and we prepare an executive report with a measurement of the main KPIs.

7. sales support

We support you in the development of the commercial and sales strategy and we help you in the sales activation. 

6. distribution channels analysis

We work with you to advise you on how each of the distribution channels work in Spain. We also develop what are the costs of each distribution channel and how they affect the margin.

8. business contacts

We have a wide range of contacts in our country. We can introduce you to main players to partner with in Spain.

9. activation & shootings

If you want to carry out a specific marketing activation campaign or organize a photoshoot in Spain, we will manage it for you or help you to coordinate the production, 

10. tax & legal support

With our partners we also help you with all your tax and legal duties when operating in Spain.

Let’s build your brand together.